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Download the appropriate files listed below. Please save the file(s) on your hard disk and unzip its contents to the EasyStats6 folder on your computer.

Accredited Courses:  Updated 14/11/2019.

Accredited Modules:  Updated 14/11/2019.

Postcode Listing DELETED:  Updated 22/11/2019.

Update Patches:  Updated 26/03/2021 (v8.1.5)  Updated 26/03/2021 (v8.1.5)

Note: Please save the update patch to a folder on your computer where the EasyStats program is being installed. Ensure that the EasyStats application is closed, then unzip this file and save the contents to the EasyStats folder "\ESYSTAT6\" overwriting the old files. Please do a "Rebuild indexes" after launching EasyStats.